Textile Training


There are 6 trainees at the moment at Heshima. A trainer comes in every day to teach the womne new skills and improve their current sewing technique. We recognise that many of the women who benfit from the Heshima training also have responsibilities in their homes and so training is from 9am - 1pm. enabling them to balance their domestic responsiblities with their education. Their children can attend the preschool, where they will be involved in learning through play whilst the mothers are busy learning. In addition we pay all our trainees for the products they make and this enables them to make a small income whilst they are learning new skills.

Women who have finished their training are employed to make products, which are sold in the heshima shop. Textile products have been sold to tourist shops, safari lodges and at the Arusha christmas craft fair. The money from the products, pay for the trainers salary as well as for new sewing machines.