Supporting Heshima

There are lots of ways that you could choose to support us:


Make a difference by Volunteering - If you would like a working holiday or a gap year experience, then we would like to hear from you. We need you to share your expertise whether you want to work for one week or one year. We particularly need people with the following skills:

  • Ability to help run the textiles training centre
  • A willingness to work with children and young people
  • Builders
  • Fund Raisers

For more information visit our volunteering page or fill in a Volunteer Application Form.

Fund Raising

Organise a one-off fund raising event – These one off fund raising events are essential in helping us to develop the site and the facilities. Over the next year we want to build the following:

  • A Computer Room
  • A Children’s Playground
  • Build a bridge to the site

We can send you any information that you may require to organise an event on our behalf. We can send you photos, leaflets, a powerpoint and once the funds have been raised we can send you pictures of how the funds were spent. We visit the UK from time to time and you could arrange with us to come and do a talk about where your funds have gone. Fund raising events that have worked before include:

  • sponsored three legged run OR sponsored water carry
  • Collect Pennies
  • Selling some Heshima Products
  • Asking us to send East African bookmarks, paintings and beads to sell at fairs
  • An African meal that your friends pay to eat. We have a number of Kenyan supporters in the UK that will help you to cook this ‘traditional style’.
  • We can help you organise a sponsored walk up Kilimanjaro.

Below is a fundraising leaflet, which has specific targets, which would be good to use in a school to give the students an idea as to what their money could go to.

Fundraising leaflet


Regular Monthly Donation

Commit to a regular monthly donation of £5.00 or £10.00 - Regular giving helps us to plan. Through our regular donations we are able to train staff and pay their monthly salaries. We are also able to buy our essential materials to ensure that a wide range of children can enjoy art and craft and music activities. If you are a British tax payer we also ask that you fill in the gift aid form so that we can claim your tax back.

Recycle Unwanted goods

Save your unused books, toys and tricycles – We can organise a delivery of freight to Tan.zania.

Partnership Projects

Set up a partnership project – We are always keen to work with organizations overseas to set up partnership projects and cross cultural collaborative projects so let us know what you have in mind.

So far we have worked supported the following projects:

  • Sixth formers from a school in UK and Kenya wrote, filmed and edited a film together. The film was story boarded by the Kenyan students and filmed by the British students. It wads a story abut a man who suffered from AIDS and how it affected both himself and his family.It was shown to the community after editing in the UK and involved drama, art, dance and media students.
  • A cookery project where children from two schools shared recipes.
  • An art and digital photography project on ‘My Journey to School’
  • A recycling project where students from two schools made power point presentations on the way they recycled things in their own schools.
  • A story project where traditional stories from two different cultures were written and illustrated by the classes and then shared.
  • A girl guide project where two sets of girl guides organized activities and a meal for 80 nursery aged orphans every day.
  • A pen-pal scheme.

Fill in the partnership project form